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Adult Cut = $15 (ADD BEARD FOR $5)
Kid Cut = $10
Color Starts @ $35 (Add cut for $10)
Perm Starts @ $40 (Add cut for $10)
Facial Wax = $10/Area
+ $5/Add Area
Beard Trim = $5
Designs = $5 & UP
Face Shave (With Razor) = $18
Head Shave (With Razor) = $25
Line Up = $6a

John Emslie III

Owner - Stylist

I am the owner and founder of HairSlingers. I have been doing hair since the mid '90's. I have worked at various corporate salons as well as a few booth rent ones. I was given the opportunity to open my own salon in late 2008. HairSlingers opened for business on January 1, 2009 and has grown and improved ever since. I enjoy doing all types of haircuts from military to curly to layers to ethnic. I think color is a lot of fun and enjoy seeing the changes it can bring to peoples looks and attitude. Thank-you for taking the time to get to know more about us and I look forward to seeing you at HairSlingers with myself or one of the other equally talented stylists or nail tech.