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Phone Number:

(785) 220-8971

Karen Sivertson


About Me

Experience matters, relationships matter, combining the two makes for satisfied and happy customers.

My name is Karen and I have been a hairstylist for over 34 years, having maintained my cosmetology license since age 19.

Putting it simply: I LOVE WHAT I DO!! What I love most are the relationships and friendships I have made over the years and to actually see families and friends grow up before my eyes.

I have managed a corporate salon for almost 20 years which was challenging, yet very rewarding. However, HairSlingers provides, for me, much more flexibility and freedom to be more creative and responsive to my customers' needs.

I specialize in all types of perms, hair color, and highlights. I cut hair for the whole family; men, women, and children. I also do facial waxing for women and for men, eyebrow waxing and mustache and beard trims.

I stay current with the latest trends and styles by attending continued education classes and online webinars.

I am truly thankful for all my current customers and I look forward to seeing new faces and to building new relationships for years to come.

Please call to set an appointment. Business cell: (785) 220-8971 HairSlingers: (785) 233-4247









Price List

Haircut $20

Beard Trim $5

Color $50 & up

HighLights $40 & up

Perm $50 & up

Waxing: Eyebrows $1 | Lip & Chin $8

Single braid $5

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